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FinnChuck Finn, PhD

Chairman, ClearPath Development Company
Chief Executive Officer, ClearPath Vaccines Company

29 years of product development and regulatory experience including FDA, biopharma and CRO industry; RRD co-founder, Quintiles SVP/ head of infectious disease/immunology, allergy/respiratory/dermatology, and medical device units; Regulatory Head at Praxis which developed first Haemophilus B vaccine (acquired by Lederle for $238M), Miles/Bayer, Genetics Institute/Wyeth, FDA-CBER




SandlerNeil Sandler

Chief Executive Officer, ClearPath Development Company

28 years of investment and finance experience including >$1B in biopharma development funding; Symphony Capital co-founder; Director of product development investments including approved products for Amgen, Genzyme, and Centocor. Managed over 125 financings and M&A’s exceeding $13B





TarrantScott Tarrant

Chief Business Officer, ClearPath Development Company

25 years business development, marketing, sales and corporate strategy in the Life Science Industry; President of RRD International, Board Member at Accium Biosciences and Carepeutics, Inc; former EVP at Xceleron, VP TherImmune Research/Gene Logic





GeorgeGeorge Siber, MD

Chief Scientific Officer, ClearPath Vaccines Company

36 years developing vaccines and therapeutic programs for infectious diseases; Professor at Harvard Medical School and Director of Mass. Biologics Lab which developed precursor to Synagis (>$1B sales); EVP/CSO Wyeth which developed Prevnar (now >$3B sales), Meningitec, Rotashield and FluMist. Advisory committees: WHO, NIH, Gates Foundation and NIAID





TarrantDonna Ambrosino, MD

Chief Medical Officer, ClearPath Vaccines Company

30 years developing vaccines and biologics for infectious diseases; Professor at Umass Medical School and Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School; CEO of MassBiologics which developed monoclonal antibodies for C. Difficile, Rabies, HCV all in Phase 2/3; CMO Visterra.






Patrick Frenchick, PhD

Senior Vice President Research & Development, ClearPath Vaccines Company

27 years of R&D experience in vaccine and biopharma development; led adjuvant and vaccine delivery technology development at Lederle/Wyeth, Pfizer, and SmithKline Animal Health; Led Vaccine strategy/evaluation team at Boehringer Ingleheim Vetmedica; NSF Postdoc in Virology (Baylor)






WestoffDoris Westhoff, PhD

Vice President Clinical Research, ClearPath Vaccines Company

15 years experience in clinical research  for vaccines and project management in Europe and North America for Wyeth and Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica; Conducted clinical development studies for Prevnar, HibTITER, and Pnu-Imune 23;  Led the clinical development team of Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Germany