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Eric Rowinsky

Eric Rowinsky, MD

Over 25 years of experience in cancer research and responsible for clinical development and registration of several breakthrough oncology agents such as Erbitux ($1.5B in sales), the taxanes for ovary, breast, and other malignancies, Hycamptin® for ovarian cancer

  • EVP and Chief Medical Officer at ImClone (sold to Lilly for $6.5B in 2008); EVP/CMO of Stemline Therapeutics
  • Senior clinical investigator at Johns Hopkins. Designed/led trials for several agents, including Camptosar® and Taxotere®
  • Senior clinical investigator at University of Texas, San Antonio. Led and initial and/or pivotal development studies for Tarceva®, Vectibix®, Iressa®, and Torisel®
  • An Editor-in-Chief of Investigational New Drugs, and an Associate Editor of Cancer Research, Clinical Cancer Research, Annals of Oncology
  • Member of the NCI Board of Scientific Counselors and has published over 230 papers
  • Executive Chairman of RGenix, Inc., and director of publicly traded Biogen Inc., Navidea, and Fortress Biotech




Chuck Finn, PhD

More than 30 years of product development and regulatory experience covering a wide range of product types and therapeutic indications. Experience includes FDA – CBER, biopharma and CRO industry

  • RRD International, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO, oversees RRD’s development partnerships, managed development teams in Symphony Capital partnership; established ClearPath vaccine development partnership with Astellas Pharma
  • Quintiles, SVP/head of therapeutic business units comprising infectious diseases/immunology/allergy/respiratory/ dermatology, and medical device business units for the US
  • Genetics Institute, Director of Regulatory Affairs, responsible for several clinical stage regulatory programs
  • Miles/Bayer, Associate Director of Regulatory Affairs, responsible for anti-infective regulatory programs
  • Praxis Biologics/Lederle, Sr. Scientist, Director Regulatory Affairs, Praxis developed first Haemophilus b conjugate vaccine for infants (acquired by Lederle for $238M)
  • Staff Fellow, FDA, CBER, Division of Bacterial Products (Vaccines)




Neil Sandler, MBA

Over 30 years of investment and finance experience including > $1B in biopharma development

  • Symphony Capital co-founder and Partner
  • Behrman Capital, Partner. Head of Healthcare
  • Robertson Stephens, Partner, Head of Healthcare
  • PaineWebber Development Corp., Managing Director; Director of product development investments including those with approved products for Amgen, Sanofi/Genzyme, and J&J/Centocor
  • Managed over 125 financings and M&A’s exceeding $13B



Ulrich Thienel

Ulrich Thienel MD, PhD

20 years of biopharma experience, including in-licensing, extensive medical, clinical product development, and general management experience in early stage research through product commercialization

  • As Vice President at Takeda held therapeutic area leadership positions in Immunology, Inflammation, Respiratory disease and CNS
  • Previous positions included Executive Director Immunology at Bristol-Myers Squibb and Director Clinical Development at Johnson and Johnson
  • Development experience spans small molecules, biologics and devices with IND/CTA/NDA/BLA filings, including work leading to approval of UVADEX®, Orencia®, Nulojix®, Daxas®, Ciclesonide®, Entyvio® Copaxone® and Uloric®



Katherine Laessig, MD

Katherine Laessig, MD

More than 16 years of regulatory experience at the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from 1999 through 2015

  • Former Deputy Director of the Division of Anti-Infective Products (DAIP) responsible for review of antimicrobial drug and biologic products
  • Prior to joining DAIP, held positions of Medical Officer and Medical Team Leader while in the Division of Antiviral Products
  • Infectious disease specialist with Kaiser Permanente in the Washington, DC



Patrick Frenchick, PhD

Patrick Frenchick, PhD

More than 30 years of experience in research and development in large and small organizations

  • As Vice President at Combinature BioPharma and CytImmune Sciences led teams that moved compounds into early phase clinical trials
  • Development experience includes small molecules, proteins, peptides, vaccines, oral and particle formulations including three vaccine formulations that are used in commercial animal health products
  • Prior positions included responsibilities for research and development, portfolio management and intellectual property



Sarah DiSalvatore, MPH

Sarah DiSalvatore, MPH

More than 20 years of experience in research and development

  • Clinical development manager of several compounds which went on to receive FDA approval, including Portrazza®, Cyramza®, Lartruvo®, Prevnar 13® and Prevnar 7®
  • Previous positions included Vice President, Clinical Operations at Nucana and Stemline Therapeutics, Senior Director, Clinical Operations at Helsinn Therapeutics, Associate Director, ImClone Systems/Eli Lilly and Alba Therapeutics, Sr. Clinical Project Manager at Wyeth (now Pfizer), Research Scientist positions at Wyeth (now Pfizer), Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and the National Cancer Institute



Masaki Doi, PhD

Masaki Doi, PhD

30 years experience as a senior executive in the global pharmaceutical industry including venture capital and corporate development

  • At Astellas, as head of Corporate Development, involved in over 20 licensing and 5 M&A transactions including those with biotechnology companies such as Medivation, OSI, Agensys, Seattle Genetics, Regeneron, Fibrogen, Tularik, Protein Design Labs, Genetics Institute and with pharma such as Astra-Zeneca and G.D. Searle (now Pfizer). Responsible for licensing Xtandi (2015 Sales of $1.87B)
  • Founded and managed Yamanouchi Venture Capital (now Astellas Venture Management) in Palo Alto



TarrantScott Tarrant

25 years business development, marketing, sales and corporate strategy in the Life Science Industry; President of RRD International, Board Member at Accium Biosciences and Carepeutics, Inc; former EVP at Xceleron, VP TherImmune Research/Gene Logic