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ClearPath partners with leading biopharmaceutical companies to expand early product pipeline opportunities and minimize financial impact:

Team members have formed and managed multiple product development companies (DevCos) over 30 years
 Advanced over 20 DevCo programs through clinical POC
Established relationships with institutional investors
Leverages the development execution capabilities of RRD International

ClearPath’s model enables:

Highly capital efficient model for development of early stage assets
Accelerated development for both existing company assets and external assets under consideration for in-licensing
De-risking of development projects with tailored financing structures and options to acquire POC-stage assets

Strategic Partnership with Astellas

ClearPath currently has a strategic partnership with Astellas Pharma Inc. to develop infectious disease vaccines. The partnership was established to support Astellas’ goal of building a global vaccine franchise.
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ClearPath Oncology

ClearPath Oncology is forming a portfolio of Oncology/Immunology, development-stage assets, by the in-licensing of targeted compounds through pre-defined, Proof-of Concept (PoC) milestones. Attaining PoC triggers a pre-negotiated sale of the asset to a partnering, pharmaceutical company.
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